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A social network for vampire lovers, where they can share their knowledge about real, and fictional vampires.

Rank Site In Out
1 Facegoth
4480 2622

Facegoth.com Social Networking For Goths
2 VampireSocial.com For Vampires Goths & Humans
2052 2665

VampireSocial.com For Vampires Goths & Humans
3 Vampire & Goth Banner Exchange
863 887

Vampire & Goth Banner Exchange
4 Gothicmatch.com
818 1042
Gothicmatch.com for Goths & Gothic Admirers
5 Profileflirt.com
734 666

Profileflirt.com Are you a profile Flirt?
6 ProNoize Radio
224 312

Das neue Gothic & Underground Radio!
7 Vampires Next Door
151 561

Enter to taste bloody good vampire tales, submit your own vampire or ghost experience, download free poster and get cool vampire stuff!
8 Southern New Rocks
33 654

Southern New Rocks is your source for the best prices on New Rock boots, shoes, clothing, and accessories.Our goal is to provide you with the best price on the highest quality boots and shoes in the world. New Rock boots are very likely the last brand you
9 Comunidad Oscura
24 99

Se imaginan un facebook pero que sea solo para gente Gótica, dark, Cyber, Black metal, y estilos afines?
Pues ese sitio es COMUNIDAD OSCURA y ya esta haciendo furor
Pasen y tengan un perfil ya
10 Darkness Walks
23 797

We are a community for Goths, real vampires, and dark minded people where they can share thoughts, ideas, and too bring their lives together
11 Gothic Corpse
20 316

The Darker Side Of The Net
12 Gothic Reflections
15 54

The darkest corner of the web for Gothic Literature
13 Gothic Social Net
11 346
Social Networking for the Gothic Subculture.
14 VampsRUs
11 441

A social network for vampire lovers, where they can share their knowledge about real, and fictional vampires.
15 Terra Relicta
7 361

Terra Relicta: Dark music webmagazine and goth radio.
16 evilsaga
7 280
contains information of vampires,werewolf and other mystirious creatures and the video of pyaar ki yeh ek kaahani and news on bollywood.
17 Occult Planet
6 685

Occult Paradise with Online Store + Videos, Articles, Resource, Forum and the Almighty Bunny Madness
18 Tubz Brands
4 43
Tubz Brands offers machines on sweets and snacks vending machines in the UK. This successful company gives people the opportunity to earn money from day one of their franchise, and allows people to wo
19 VampireLink
2 191

Vampire Networking.
20 The Mist and the Darkness
2 288
This is the story of 17 year old Andre Marchand in his new home of Sanctuary Cove, Vermont...

And of the Vampires that live there.
21 Coven of Vampires
2 301
Vampire coven website in the UK
22 www.victorianhater.com
1 465

An emporium of Gothic Victorian hats. In my store you will find designs beyond your imagination in decadence and opulence.
My designs are unique and origional to me, I offer a bespoke, made to measure
23 Vampyr Sanctuary
1 215
A site to satisfy your vampire reading needs.
24 evgothicjewelry.com
1 210

Handcrafted Museum Quality Masterpiece Gothic

25 Vampirism
1 50


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